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The MLM show 09/21 by Liberal Dan Radio [Video]

On the September 21, 2022 episode of Liberal Dan Radio I will be discussing Multi Level Marketing companies. Many people view them as scams. Many people swear by them. How can you know what is good and what is not? How can you avoid being taken advantage of? I will go into those details. I will also be discussing the topics of the day.

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The New Benefits of Trading on OTCQX [Video]

Laura Hamilton, VP of OTC Markets joined Kara Kennedy of ClearTrust, Michael Acampora of D.A. Davidson, for a discussion about all things OTC Markets, all things community bank.Changes to Rule 15c2-11 have made it easier than ever before to trade a community bank stock on OTCQX. We break down the process, costs, and benefits for community banks to trading their stock here.