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Marketing in the Big Leagues [Video]

Campaign disconnect, multiple product lines, siloed teams, and complex governance are a special breed of challenges that Enterprise marketing functions know too well. Vanquishing these beastly challenges is critical to achieving Enterprise holy-grail – ABM marketing at scale and pipeline predictability.Where to begin your quest? Join Invertas Kathy Macchi, EVP Consulting Services, and Jessica Fewless, Client Partner, as they share the winning strategies that successful B2B Enterprise teams are using. Inverta has helped scores of Enterprises like WestRock and Procore. Theyll teach you how the best orgs drive team alignment and deliver customer-centric buying experiences that win deals. In this webinar you’ll learn:Best practices to drive alignment across go-to-market teamsStrategies for building customer-centric, pipeline producing campaignsApproaches and results from successful Enterprise Marketing teams