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Go-To-Market Lab: How to use Data and Account Intelligence for Smarter Go-To-Market [Video]

Join Demandbase with Invertas Kathy Macchi, EVP Consulting Services, and Jessica Fewless, Client Partner, as they dive into the realities of what it means to be an Enterprise Marketer in todays climate and how you can make 2022 your best performing year yet.

Brand Awareness

Building Digital-First Sales Experiences for Enterprise Sellers [Video]

B2B buyer frustration with the sales process has grown 25% in the last year. The new generation of buyers are seeking a far more digital and hands-off buying experience, pushing todays seller to innovate. Adapting to these new expectations isnt easy. And, Enterprises can have it even harder with larger teams, more complex org structures, and big audacious pipeline targets. Join us, to learn the smartest ways to digitize your sales process to appeal to a digital-savvy buyer. Well walk through 4 innovative topics from sales leaders across the B2B sales process: 1) Understanding new B2B Buyer preferences in 2022, 2) Digitizing Prospecting Experiences, 3) Relational Selling goes 2.O, and 4) Scaling personal outreach and RFPs with Rev Ops. Well learn: Latest B2B buyer attitudes towards the sales process and trends in 2022How innovative sales leaders are digitizing sales processes for peak performance. Behind-the-scenes strategies they use to create a blissful, digital-forward experience for B2B.