Brand Strategy

Unlocking the Value of Data – TCS Datom™ & ESSEC Business School Study [Video]

In a post-pandemic world, organizations must embrace digital transformation to stay relevant to their customers and drive growth at same time. Data being the DNA that guides this digital transformation, it has become a board-level agenda and a priority for CXOs. The study conducted by TCS in partnership with ESSEC Business School under the aegis of TCS Datom™ seeks to explain the correlation between business effectiveness and data & analytics maturity. It reveals the ability of enterprises to devise ways in improving their data and analytics maturity. Visit the TCS Datom™ Web Page:

Personal Branding

How To Make $35K In Your Photography Business [Video]

Heike helps photographers form profitable sustainable personal branding businesses.Book a 15 minute call: more on my website: to my Youtube channel: my Facebook page: me on Instagram: with me on LinkedIn: me on Twitter: