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Alexis Ren Gives Herself A Spa Experience On-The-Go With These Mini Toners! ‘Hot Girl Travel Tips’ 2023 [Video]

Model, influencer, and all-around wellness queen Alexis Ren has to move around the globe a lot. Its only natural that on all her worldwide expeditions, shes identified a few handy practices that make the experience a little more luxurious and durable, aka her Hot Girl Travel Tips, as we so lovingly call them.

Brand Marketing on Social Media

Biggest influencer trends to watch for in 2023 [Video]

In 2022, the global influencer market was valued at a record 16-point-4 billion dollars, and it’s expected to keep growing in 2023. Marketing guru Danielle Wiley joins Good Day DC to talk about how the influencer market will impact consumers this year.

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What Is Wrong With Influencer Marketing Strategy? | Influencer Marketing Fraud | Khabar Mantralaya [Video]

The high number of fake influencers on social media platforms not only troubles the brands but also takes users for a ride. In many cases, influencers have fake followers which further takes the campaign down the drain. Moreover, the users start doubting the brand in question which impacts the organization negatively.Watch this video till end to understand where you can invest your money to get better result and trackable data.#influencermarketing #influencer #influencerscam #digitalmarketing

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Ep 44 – 6 Digital Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2023 [Video]

2023 will bring digital marketers new opportunities and new challenges unlike years past. On this month’s episode of Marketing Revelations, Dan and Chelsea discuss 6 digital marketing trends that you can utilize to set up your business for success in the new year. The good news is, every strategy is easily accessible for your business to implement!Be sure to check out our blog for all the latest marketing content:’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment below with any questions.