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Stock Market, Mutual Funds | Personal Finance | CA Shitij Gupta | Wealthy [Video]

👉🏼 Invest in Navi’s NCD to get Fixed Returns of 9.2%-👉🏼 Link to Fix your Free meeting – Session Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Personal Finance | CA Shitij Gupta | Wealthy Welcome to Wealthy’s Official YouTube Channel. In this video, you will learn about Stock Market, Mutual Funds, Personal Finance. This video is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning the concepts of the Stock Market.Shitij is a chartered accountant and also graduated from Delhi University. He is known for his extensive research in the field of mutual funds and the stock market for the past 9-10 years.Wealthy is a FinTech firm making Wealth Management more accessible. Its platform is helping thousands of wealth professionals focus on clients’ interests and deliver quality wealth management. The company provides 800+ products, a fair earnings structure, and everything a wealth professional needs to help clients meet their life goals.To know more about Wealthy, Visit: watch the best videos on investments, Subscribe to Wealthy Channel: -👉… and hit the 🔔 to watch our videos first.Contact with us: Email ID: – [email protected] Mobile No: – +91 95382 00 111Follow Our Official Social Media Pages: – Instagram:…LinkedIn:…Disclaimer: These are not any recommendations for any funds or stocks and are meant only for educational purposes.Benefits of the Wealthy Partner app:1. Timely Payouts with 150+ products on investments and insurance2. Manage your multiple client’s portfolios at one place3. Regular training and RM support4. Easy to use and access from anywhere at any time.5. Backed by IIT Alums and strong investors.6. Tech enable products with high income monthly Payouts#stockmarket #wealthy