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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience

Source3 on 3D Printing and the YouTube Model [Video]

Branding Management

Scott Sellwood, Co-Founder of Source3 and Kerry Parker, VP Business Development at Whiteclouds, talk about learning lessons from the YouTube model for a user generated content platform that will facilitate the growth of the 3D printing industry. 

Source3 is the world’s first platform for end-to-end management of 3rd party IP in user-generated content and provides licensing and rights administration services for creators, marketplaces and brands. The New York-based company has already secured several brand partnerships with the likes of Capcom, the U.S. Army and most recently the Epic Rights.

In this CES 2016 3D Printing Conference presentation, Scott talks about how we need to incentivise users to create 3D content for distribution, how the evolution of brand identity from the YouTube model applies to the 3D industry and creating a system for coherent royalty management.

Watch the entire CES 3D Printing Conference programme for free in our CES video series featuring talks from Carbon, Made in Space,

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