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Santander warns limited edition offer will end today – act now | Personal Finance | Finance [Video]

Santander UK has confirmed the eSaver Limited Edition will be withdrawn today. It leaves Britons with just hours to benefit from this offer if they wish to secure this account.

The bank stated it is withdrawing the product following “unprecedented demand”. 

Existing customers will be able to apply until 23:59 on October 17, 2022.

However, the bank has also stated a new competitive offer is set to be launched from tomorrow.

Issue 2 of the eSaver Limited Edition will pay two percent gross, at a variable rate for 12 months.

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Individuals can only have one eSaver Limited Edition per customer.

Withdrawals can be made from this account at any time by transfer to another account in Online and Mobile Banking.

If a saver changes their mind, they can cancel the account within 14 days of opening.

Their money will be returned in full with interest.

Santander is offering a wide range of accounts for savers, including: 

• Easy Access …

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"The Last of Us" irresponsibly promotes a fear of mushrooms [Video]

Esteemed mycologist Paul Stamets claims that science fiction TV series The Last of Us is "exploiting mycophobia: the fear of fungi when mushrooms could actually "save the world," as he explains in the TED Talk below. From the Daily Grail: The use of a zombifying fungus in the storyline wasreportedly inspiredby a segment on[the mushroom