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Reinventing the aesthetic of skincare with graphic designer lise Rigollet [Video]

When we think of skincare, it’s rare (if at all) that our first thoughts go to adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs and plants. Except, that’s exactly what Herbar is: a skincare brand founded by Catarina Oliveira and Rui Liu focusing on the superpowers of these mushrooms, herbs and plants. Élise Rigollet was the graphic designer tasked with coming up with Herbar’s brand identity and packaging, and she’s managed to synthesise the surreal and trippy world of adaptogenic mushrooms with the harmonious aesthetics of skincare. “Catarina sent over a moodboard to introduce her project, and we quickly realised that our visions aligned,” Élise explains on the visual identity’s foundations. “The initial references we compiled consisted of beautiful vintage glassware, earthy tones, mushroom textures, Japanese watercolour sets.”

What’s so unique about Élise’s designs for Herbar is how far they stray from the normative aesthetic points of a skincare brand. Typography has life to it, and colours …

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