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Randy Moss’ restaurant facing backlash after manager blames discrimination for bad reviews [Video]

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“The entire community is filled with negativity. Being an African American company, this is what we deal with on a regular basis. We are not the other color, which is unfortunate to you guys, because if we were the other color, I’m sure there would be a lot more respect.”

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — Months after Crisppi’s Chicken was opened in Downtown Huntington by former NFL star Randy Moss, the restaurant is facing criticism after a manager posted a series of videos across social media.

That manager, who told 13 News he would only give us his first name ‘Kurt,’ said bad reviews and comments against the restaurant are part of what he believes is discrimination from the community.

The original video posted by Kurt took Facebook users by surprise.

Kurt opened with, “Crisppi’s [is] here to give you a great vibe, great energy, great food. Randy Moss invested his …

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