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PUBG Global Championship 2022 Trailer (Directors Cut) by Super Very More – Motion design [Video]

With a nod to the talents of Spanish director/artist/animator Alberto Mielgo, the team at Seoul studio Super Very More merge over-the-top action and obsessive rendering into a trailer for Krafton’s PUBG Global Championship 2022.

From Super Very More: “This trailer for the opening event of the PUBG Global Championship depicts the process of moving the tournament trophy to the stadium by the meta-human ANA developed by Krafton.

“We performed tone and manner, motion graphics, editing, and synthesis, including directing the entire video, and produced dance sequences using motion capture.”


Production: Super Very MoreMotion designer: Kim Youngmin, Lee Davin, Shin HyunwooCompositor: Kim Youngmin, Lee DavinEditor: Kim YoungminFX Designer: Willo, Kim Youngmin, Lee Davin, Shin Hyunwoo3D (Dance sequence): Kim Youngmin, EMP

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