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Netflix Drops The Nutty Boy Trailer [Video]

Netflix has shared the trailer for its first Brazilian animated series, The Nutty Boy, which debuts October 12.

Based on Brazilian author Ziraldo’s classic children’s book of the same title, The Nutty Boy follows the misadventures of Maluquinho (Nutty) and his friends.  From the original 1980’s book, Ziraldo created The Nutty Boy comics which have sold over 4 million copies in 10 countries, inspiring movies and a TV series. According to Netflix, the series promises to incorporate contemporary topics and add new characters to join Maluquinho “the famous boy with a pan on his head.”

“It makes me happy to see this young boy entertaining a new generation of Brazilians, now bringing themes that are relevant to the contemporary challenges of childhood and adolescence,” said Ziraldo. “In this way, families will be able to watch it and have fun together. Adults will remember their childhood, and kids will now create their own memories with our boy.” 

The show was …

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