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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Livestream shopping is huge in APAC, but is it ready to take the world by storm? [Video]

Brand Marketing on Social Media

Influencers in APAC can already shift vast amounts of inventory in mere moments. The Drum Network asked four experts whether live-selling will soon revolutionize e-commerce in the US and Europe.

Consumers in APAC have long logged on to social media to make purchases via live-stream shopping feeds. Leading influencers shift vast amounts of products – with ‘Lipstick Brother’ Li Jiaqi selling a record-breaking $2bn of goods in one day in 2021.

But while social media platforms in the US and EMEA offer services such as TikTok Live and Instagram Live Shopping, uptake still lags behind that in APAC.

It’s estimated half of China’s internet users participated in a live-selling event last year. In the US, around 35% of respondents to a survey said they’d purchased something from a live stream event, a figure which stood at 25% for UK respondents.

“Live streaming sessions in China have been really, really successful,” said Ada Luo, head of APAC at Croud at …

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