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How You Can Become an Intentional Parent NBC Boston [Video]

Destini Davis is a VIP – a very intentional parent. The certified parenting coach has a background in psychology but says she isn’t a parenting expert. She’s simply honed an approach to parenting by researching, learning, and listening.

Her approach must be working; her social media presence blew up as she shared her positive tips.

In an episode of Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone, Destini said that in her new book, “Very Intentional Parenting,” she suggests that a peaceful, gentle, conscious parenting approach is a way of raising kids using respect, boundaries, and limitations rooted in compassion, and nonviolent communication.

And, she teaches parents that they can only be their best versions of parents when they take care of themselves first.

No worries, she gets concrete, offering real-life solutions to everyday problems (i.e. the dreaded morning routine). Davis also shares what it’s like to have her first book hit the shelves.

Mom2Mom’s …

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