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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Ghana needs a stable, non political long-term plan MP MyJoyOnline.com [Video]

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Legislator for Keta constituency Richard Quarshigah says the country needs a stable, non-political long-term plan if will develop successfully.

He says the repeated abandoning of various development plans by successive governments over the years is not healthy for the country.

Mr Quarshigah observes that it is out of place that every new government that gets elected chooses to roll out brand new development plans usually different from the one existent before.

In the second edition of his series on whether Ghana is a focused country, he chronicled how several development plans over the years had been abandoned despite the huge taxpayer money invested in them.

He mentioned that there was a development blueprint in 1995 developed by the Rawlings regime that was not pursued by the Kufuor administration which introduced the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategies 1 and 2.

Then, the Mills-Mahama administration upon taking over power developed a 40-year development …

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