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Energy saving tips: 9 common energy-wasters in the home and how much they’re costing you | Personal Finance | Finance [Video]

Showering for more than four minutes – costs up to £95 a year

Long showers can drain the hot water heater, meaning energy is required to reheat a new tank. Mr Sandford suggested limiting showers to just four minutes, perhaps by using a timer, to save both energy and water.

Falling asleep with the TV on – costs up to £48 a year

One in five Britons say they like to doze off with the TV on, but while they’re sleeping, energy is being wasted.

Mr Sandford said: “Use the sleep mode on your monitor so that you can still snooze, but the TV won’t remain on all night.”

Using a tumble dryer – costs up to £70 a year

Tumble dryers are big energy users so for those hoping to save some money on bills, opting for a cost-free alternative could be a good route.

Mr Sandford said: “If …

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What Are You Waiting For? | Promote Your Business Through Social Media | Rupsa Network Pvt. Ltd. [Video]

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