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Cry for what Mitsubishis Ralliart division has become [Video]

Mitsubishi has rebooted its Ralliart brand, the name once synonymous with Lancer Evolution rally cars and Dakar dominance. As a new video shows, the works team once responsible for world-beating motorsports development has now been demoted to hawking mudflaps, decals and stick-on items straight out of aisle two at Pep Boys.

To be fair, Mitsubishi admitted when they announced the Ralliart reboot that it would consist mostly of accessories packages. They also hinted at a return to motorsports,  and they recently fulfilled that promise by winning the 870-mile Asia Cross-Country Rally that took place in Thailand and Cambodia over Thanksgiving week. They even beat out some legit competition from Toyota, Ford, and Isuzu.

We realize baby steps must be taken, but juxtaposing the grainy footage of death-defying Evos in WRC over a garish plastic garnishes just plain hurts. It’s not like Mitsubishi doesn’t have a semi-decent lineup in southeast Asia, one of the last markets where the brand is …

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