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Names trading at discount reevaluate if it’s best to grow business in the private market: CIBC’s Dubczak – Video

Roman Dubczak, deputy chair of CIBC Capital Markets, joins BNN Bloomberg for CIBC Miracle Day from the trading floor. Dubczak says it’s important to keep a tradition that has helped to improve the lives of millions of children since it began in 1984. Furthermore, Dubczak discusses Canada’s M&A market. He says there is cautious optimism on this market amid the slowdown given the cost of financing is a lot higher. However, he notes there is a lot of

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The government needs to align its overall fiscal positioning with reality: Former finance minister – Video

John Manley, senior advisor at Bennett Jones, former Deputy PM and former Finance Minister of Canada, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the Bank of Canada’s latest rate hike of 50bps. Manley says that the government is in a tough position and is doing well to help those in need, but they need to slow stimulus growth. Manley says the government’s immigration target is great, but he’s not fully confident they are prepared to do the paperwork.

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MATIC – Does it Live Up to the Hype? for POLONIEX:MATICUSD by RyanTanaka TradingView [Video]

Did a quick vid on the coin with the latest hype, Polygon/MATIC. I get a lot of spam regarding new coins but after doingsome research I came to the conclusion that it has something going for it. The short list:- Has support from Marc Cuban- Solves a real problem (high fees)- Is already in use, has real users/developers- Founders are immigrants (this is a plus)- Professional branding with clear goals- Potential for multiple exit strategies- Is hiring (this is a plus)